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Permanent and Temporary Staffing since 1975
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In today’s job market, in most cases your resume is your first interview and if it is not done

well you will never get that person to person interview with the employer or a chance at

getting the job.


A good resume is not meant to get you the job … it is meant to get you in the door.


Most people need help with their resumes, but they just don't know it. It may only take one error on your resume to potentially make the difference between getting an interview   

or getting circular filed (trash can).


Remember a good resume will help you but a bad one could cost you the interview and

the job at a time when jobs are scarce.


Let our experience work for you! We have 40 years experience with the local employment market and know what employer’s are looking for in a resume.


Resumes Services that we offer:


* Composing, editing and developing a new resume or revising your existing resume

* Includes a CD for your computer and 10 copies on resume paper

* Your choice- Meet with us at our offices or it can all be done by email or phone if you prefer



For additional information, pricing and appointments:

Call : 386-258-5447

click here to contact us: Resume Service

email us at: