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Permanent and Temporary Staffing since 1975
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< Please click on the Gator to fill out a Quick Apply Application.
You will be able to attach your resume

Q: Is there any charge to the applicant for your placement services ?

A: Yes, we handle all types - direct hire, temp to hire and temporary both full and part time.

Q: Why do I have to fill out an application ?
A: Many of our positions are filled by on file candidates sometimes even before we can advertise the positions.
It is to your advantage to be in the data base when we search for candidates to fill new job listings.

Q: After I have submitted an application and resume, if I see another position should I submit another application and resume?

A: No, please submit only one application and resume. If you have already filled out an application and see a position that is of interest to you then please click on the Active Apps link next to the position or at the top of the web page and fill in the form. Please be sure to list the title of the position.
Q: What if none of the current listings fit my experience ?
A: Please completed an application and submit resume since the positions change often sometimes daily.

A: Choose the " other " selection in the multiple choice list and then type your response in the other box. 

A: Please choose the title that is closest to your duties even if your title was different. Example: If your actual title was Senior Clerk but your main duties were that of an Administrative Assistant, please choose Administrative Assistant.

A: You have limited space so please just use one or two word descriptions. Example: answer phones - supervise 9 - AR- AP

Q: What is the Summary Section ?
A: The summary section is where you list a summary of your main experience. Example: If you were employed 2 years each for three different employers as a Legal Secretary then list 6 years - Legal Secretary. For Industry choose Legal then in the other keywords section list your special skills like Probate- Litigation.

Q: How do I attach my resume ?
A: Click on the browse button next to the resume section, find your resume on your computer or disk, click on your resume file and click open. Check to make sure it has attached. Do this same procedure in the photo section if you wish to upload a photo.

Q: Do I have to attach a resume ?
A:We prefer that you attach your resume to your quick apply application but if you cannot please email to:

A: Attaching a photo is totally optional but it could help you find a position.  We may post your photo on the website and an employer may see your photo and information. It may assist in our job search for you.

Q: Why won't my application submit when I press the submit button ?
A: If you do not answer a section that contains an ( * )  the application will not submit.

Q: What happens after I submit my application and resume ?
A: We will review your experience and requirements. If we have a current position that is interviewing and matches your experience we will call you for an appointment. If no positions currently match your experience then we will keep your information on file and call when we have a position that matches your experience.

A:Yes, we do offer a resume service. Please call or email us for information.